Where to watch movies and TV shows online?

admin April 22, 2020

We all ask ourselves where to watch movies and TV shows online? Access to TV shows, movie hits, world premieres are just some of the features that characterize the best and most popular VOD platforms. These days, platforms for watching movies and TV shows are gaining popularity. Over the last few years, several large websites have been created that offer a whole range of entertainment. All listed and described below are growing in strength.

How about movies and TV shows on the Disney+platform?

It’s one of the latest platforms to offer access to an incredibly large library of movies and TV shows. Access to the platform is currently only in the US, Canada and the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, monthly access costs 6.99 euros. What can customers already see on the US platform? Certainly all Disney Productions, Marvel productions, Star Wars including the series ‘the Mandalorian online’ or even National Geographic editions.

Time for movies and TV shows from Amazon Prime

Although everyone knows Amazon, not many people have heard of the Amazon Prime Video Platform, which is unpopular in most country for the time being. What does that mean? Amazon Prime is a premium subscription from Amazon that costs € 7.99 a month or € 69 a year. You can watch, for example,  Preacher, abducted or the series Good Omens.

AppleTV+ – a collection of new online movies and tv shows

Another overseas platform offering paid TV entertainment is apple TV plus. Apple TV+ is a streaming service from the manufacturer Apple. Access to this platform is only possible through AppleTV, where VOD is one of the services. You can download the app to Apple devices and to PC devices with Linux or Windows. Android users can’t use the platform from their smartphone and the service costs just £ 24.99 a month. The price includes many productions such as the movie Aquaman online.

Biggest productions from Netflix – movies and TV shows

Netflix is the leading platform for watching movies and TV shows around the world. It’s such a big multimedia rental that it has taken over the world to such an extent that computers or TVs have a built-in Netflix app. The price for the service ranges from $5 to $15 and depends on how many devices we connect to Netflix. Subtitles and Voiceover are in most films. Children and adults can choose from a vast amount of multimedia. More recently, the most popular items are the online drama House of Cards online and the movie El Camino. Still wondering where to watch movies and TV shows online?

Outstanding movies and television productions from HBO GO

HBO GO is a platform with productions exclusively from HBO and Cinemax. This is a great option for people who don’t have HBO channels in the digital package but want to watch their shows or movies. The big advantage is that HBO offers a test period so potential customers can test the performance and assess the cost-effectiveness of their subscriptions. The site features more than 1,000 videos. A big plus is the lack of advertising, which most people will be happy about. Monthly access to the service costs £ 24.99. Customers of HBO Go’s digital streaming service have a price tag. On this platform you can enable for example Game Of Thrones online, The Walking Dead online and Vampires: The Legacy. Comparison of all websites with movies and TV shows.

The competition on the market is incredible. Each platform has the potential to make huge profits because of its unique and proprietary productions. In our view, some platforms will have more trouble getting additional users through fewer opportunities for customers. I mean, of course, not being able to install AppleTV on Android, which is a big disappointment for a lot of people. This platform can quickly be replaced by other VOD services. Unsurprisingly, platforms such as Netflix, HBO GO and Amazon Prime Video perform better than Apple TV+. That doesn’t mean it can’t change at Apple’s root in the near future.


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